In a world where too many kids struggle to learn easily, feel good and behave positively, there is nothing more empowering for a parent than to know how to Take Charge and help them.

If you read my blog or follow my work, you know that my mission is to help fill the world with resilient, talented, problem-free children. I do this by empowering parents with knowledge, tools and skills that will ensure that moms and dads know how to help their kids be all they can be.

Traditional medicine practitioners and children

The truth is that moms and dads have a challenge because conventional medicine does not always have the latest answers.  If you’re lucky, you have a physician who has kept up with the amazing newest developments and options for treating your child’s problems.  If you’re not so lucky you can end up feeling frustrated when you have tried several things, including medication, and yet your child continues to grapple with his or her problems.

Many parents don’t know that there is a treatment solution that is helping children finally get rid of their learning and behavior problems.   It is an integrative approach that heals kids from the inside-out instead of from the outside-in.  You will learn all about this in my book: Parents, Take Charge. Healing learning, behavior and mood problems without medication.

It is important to find a practitioner that has been trained to identify and heal the hidden underlying root causes, instead of putting a band-aid on symptoms.  I specialize in this approach.  There are many healthcare practitioners who do not. Instead, they are asking, ‘What are the symptoms, then they package these symptoms with a diagnostic label, and may prescribe a one-size-fits-all type of medication. They are asking, ‘what are the symptoms?’.   They are not asking, ‘why is this happening?’  And so, the root causes are never identified or healed. This is why so many kids have diagnostic labels hung around their necks, may be taking medication and yet are unable to overcome their learning, behavior or mood challenges.


Here are five tips for interviewing and choosing the right healthcare practitioner for your child.


1. Gather Your Courage and Take Charge!

Being a Take Charge mom or dad means being your child’s advocate and voice.  It’s like campaigning for your child.  This requires chutzpah and courage, as well as the ability to be forthright about your requirements and expectations.   Remember that you are the greatest advocate for your child’s treatment and care.  Ask the tough questions and be assertive – your child’s future depends on it.


2. Ask these Questions

You want to be sure that the practitioner you choose knows how to treat the whole child – not just the symptoms and treats each child as a unique individual.  Ask the following questions:

  1. Will you look for, and treat, the root causes of my child’s problems?
  2. How do you do this? How do you identify underlying causes?
  3. Is your diagnostic and treatment approach personalized and different for each child?
  4. Do you treat the child or the diagnostic label?


3. Seek until you find.

If you’re not confident in the healthcare practitioner’s responses you may need to shop around for a practitioner with who is like-minded with you and your needs and values.  Ask other parents who may be dealing with problems with their kids.  Finding the right healthcare practitioner can take some time and effort. Do your research, read patient reviews and study a physician’s background, qualifications and approach before you even have a consultation.  Trust your intuition.  When it’s right, you’ll know.


4. Be a Stress-less Advocate

It is tough to be a Take Charge, courageous, focused and informed advocate for your child when you are super- stressed.  It is also not easy to be intuitive and present when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.  High, ongoing stress can make it difficult for us to make good decisions.

Healthy stress is good.  It helps us achieve great things.  High stress levels sabotage us physically, mentally, emotionally and every other way.  Your children need you to stress less so that you can be a great advocate for them.

Note:  Dr Sandy consults with parents throughout the USA and from all parts of the world.