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How You Will Know if your Child has Low Self-Worth

Children sometimes pretend to feel okay - but inside they are suffering from a sense of low self-worth. It is important to recognize this as soon as possible so that it does not hold them back from becoming all they can be.

The Best Way to Parent a Sensitive Child

Sensitive children need sensitive and special parenting. In this video you will learn what to do and what never to do with children who have a sensitive nature.

How to Help Your Child be Confident and Resilient

Parents cannot help children become more confident and resilient by trying to convince them to feel better about themselves. This never works. My answer about how to raise resilient children may surprise you. Try this and you can transform your child's life.

How to Parent an Anxious Child

What is at the root of child anxiety? Why can't you just talk your child out of it? Learn why children become anxious and what to do to help them overcome this. Discover also what NOT to do.

Are Your Children Learning 'Fight, Flight, or Freeze' Behaviors From You?

Children who are defiant and difficult are in fight mode. Those who are sad or withdrawn and are in flight mode. And those who are unmotivated and afraid to succeed are in freeze mode. Find out why this happens, how you may be unintentionally causing this and what you can do to avoid this.