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Let's meet live or online and I will show you how to free your children to learn easily, behave positively, feel good and love life. I invite you to start with 2 FREE life changing video lessons

Here's Why My Approach Results in Real Healing

Reversing the Problem

My goal is to show you how to fully resolve the problems your child is struggling with. I do this by identifying and treating the underlying root causes. I don’t put band aids on the symptoms.

Spirit Body Brain

I practice an integrated approach which means I treat your child’s spirit, body and brain together, as one. This way, I treat the ‘whole child’ not compartmentalized parts of the child.

Healthy Parenting

Every child has uniquely different parenting needs. You will learn exactly what your child needs and how to be a healing parent for YOUR child's specific academic, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Healthy Parents

Children hurt when their parents hurt. They heal when their parents heal. I treat individuals, couples and families depending on what is required in each situation to help the child heal.

Dr. Sandy Specializes in Treating all Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Including:







Sensory Issues


Early Trauma



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Dr. Sandy's Life-Changing Book: Parents Take Charge

Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges without Medication

Dr. Gluckman offers a proven and effective medication-free option for healing learning, behavior and mood problems. She strongly advocates using medication as a last resort for children with these problems. Dr. Sandy believes there is a problem-free child with a healthy spirit, body and brain, trapped behind the layers of learning, behavior and mood symptoms. She teaches parents how to free this child by treating underling causes and by using the parent-child connection in a way that changes the brain.

The book is written in an easy-to-read, engaging way, complete with illustrations that demonstrate the hands on tools. It is filled with research, information, stories and case studies that bring to life the benefits of her Healing Parent Program. It is based on the newest research drawn from functional medicine, interpersonal neurobiology and psychology, as well as Dr. Gluckman’s own clinical experience.

Parenting That Heals

Do you want to heal your child?

Dr. Sandy’s work proves that, inside every child, no matter what they are struggling with, there is an extraordinary being with remarkable talents and strengths.

She teaches parents how to connect, behave and communicate in ways that will set this amazing child free.

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Teaching that Heals the Brain

Do you want to heal your student?

Dr. Sandy Gluckman’s Program, Teaching That Heals The Brain, shows teachers how to heal the student’s brain while teaching.

This totally unique combination of healing while teaching, takes special education to a whole new level.

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