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Defiance is your child’s way of screaming for help. Think of it as your child’s way of trying to tell you that there is something that you are not understanding. And when you ‘get it’ the defiance will go away.

Defiant behavior is deeply misunderstood.

Being oppositional and being defiant is NOT a disorder.  It is NOT a psychiatric or psychological problem. It is NOT a sign of a child having a personality or character defect; it is NOT a child that is mean-spirited!  Actually the defiant behavior is the child’s way of trying to give you a message.

It is your child’s way of trying to tell you, ‘ I dont need you to ‘fix’ me.  I don’t need you to drug me. I don’t need you to label me.  I need you to know that something is going on inside of me that is causing me to behave this way.   I need you to find it and fix it so that I can stop doing this.   I need you to discover what is triggering my defiant behavior, and fix that.’


How to HEAL your child’s defiant behavior

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Imagine life without the stress and conflict of your child’s defiant behavior

Imagine how healing the causes of your child’s defiance will open up a whole new future for him or her. Imagine your child feeling good, behaving positively, learning easily, achieving success and loving life! Imagine what a difference this will make to the whole family.

With this program, I will show you a whole new approach to dealing with the challenge of defiant behavior. I will coach you step-by-step on exactly how to heal this problem. And, by putting this into practice, you will be saving the future mental, intellectual, emotional and physical health of your child.

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The Program consists of 9 Videos Filled with Powerful Information and Tools, based on the one-of-a kind, Parenting That Heals Approach

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You will receive 9 easy to follow coaching videos. Do these in your own time at at your own pace.

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You should watch one coaching video at a time, make notes and then put what you learned into practice.

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You will learn, and apply, powerful healing parenting tools, by following the step-by-step process on the coaching videos.


The program is structured in such a way that the information and tools are totally applicable to children of all ages, from toddlers to late teens and early 20’s.

You get to keep the program forever – so you can listen as many times as you want.

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What you will learn in these 9 coaching videos…

Video 1

In this video you will understand the difference between ‘healing defiance’ versus ‘managing defiance’, and why managing defiance cannot work. You will see how this problem of defiance has traditionally been treated in ways that have failed, and how this has aggravated the defiant behavior instead of calming it. When you understand the information in this video, you will have taken the first, and most important step towards healing your child’s defiance.

Video 2

Your beliefs are powerful drivers of your thoughts and your behaviors. In this video you will do a ‘beliefs’ check’, clearing any beliefs that are causing you to behave in ways that trigger the behaviors of defiance in your children.

Video 3

In this video, you will discover the real reason why a child displays defiant behavior and where defiance comes from. This is the 1st underlying root cause of defiant behavior. You will understand why it is impossible to shift your child from ‘Defiant to Delightful’ without understanding and treating this first.

Video 4

In this video you will understand that there is a 2nd underlying reason for your child’s defiance, what it is and how it happens. You will also understand how treating this root cause can shift your child ‘from defiant to delightful’.

Video 5

This video will show you how YOU are the 3rd underlying reason for your child’s defiant behavior. You will learn all about your unintended role in this behavior.

Video 6

In this video you will discover exactly what you, personally, are doing, totally unintentionally, that triggers and worsens your child’s defiance.

Video 7

In this video I teach you a very powerful tool that can change your life and your child’s/children’s lives. You will also learn a tool for changing your behavior, so that you are no longer a trigger for your child’s defiance.

Video 8

In this video you will learn a unique tool for healing and treating the second underlying root cause. This healing step is a game-changer for the child.

Video 9

In this video I will coach you about the fact that there are certain things, as a parent, you should and should not do with your wonderful defiant child. I will take you through a list of 7 Do’s and 7 Don’ts in detail.

From Defiant to Delightful
How to heal your child's defiant behavior

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