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The Parenting That Heals Way

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

The Parenting That Heals Way

The Parenting That Heals Way is about teaching parents that they CAN HEAL their children’s learning, behavior or mood problems by:

1. Understanding the underlying root cause and source of the problems – why is this happening to my child?

2. And then learning how to HEAL these causes – with the result that the child’s learning, behavior or mood problems reverse and are gone.

The most unique aspect of my parenting approach is that it teaches you how to strengthen your child on the inside, at the core of his or her being. With this kind of inner strength, they are primed for success and anything is possible.

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Defiant child


Defiance is your child’s way of screaming for help. When you understand this, the defiance will go away.

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Confident child with cardboard wings touching goggles

Healing Confidence & Resilience

Resilient, confident children love life, engage easily with others and reach for their dreams.

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children with screen addiction

Healing Screen Addiction

Imagine your child feeling good, behaving positively, learning easily, achieving success and loving life!

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scared child

Healing Anxiety & Fear

As a Mom and Dad, it is so painful to watch a beloved child, of any age, grapple with feelings of anxiety and fear.

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depressed child


Living with stress and trauma will prevent you from being the healthy, thriving person and healing parent you so wish to be.

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From Defiant to DelightfulHow to Heal Your Child's Defiance

I am going to be bold and say that this program can change your life in ways you never thought possible. It’s about showing you exactly how to stay sane and happy in a world that is in upheaval.

Most of us have been collecting stress for many years, even though we were ware that it was not good for us. Add the huge stress of the past few years and now our stress levels have become truly toxic. Every day, new stress accumulates in our bodies, building up, building up and leading to burnout, chronic pain, weakened immune system, digestive and sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety and depression. And making us unhealthy parents. You have the power to change this and make your life a wonderful journey with wonderful outcomes.

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Goodbye ProblemsHello Confidence and Resilience

One of the first questions most parents ask me, when they visit with me, is, ‘Dr Sandy, how do I help my child become more emotionally resilient and self-confident?’ Having strong self-confidence and a robust emotional resilience, is the foundation for everything positive in a child’s life. Without this, children become vulnerable to behavior, mood and learning problems, such as defiance, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, withdrawal, fear, underachievement and much more. Join me on this exceptional coaching program and discover the real secrets to creating a parent-child relationship that will strengthen your child’s emotional resilience and self-confidence from the inside – so that they have what they need to be successful on the outside.

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The 7 Steps to Healing Your Child's Screen Addiction

Children who are addicted to screens are self-medicating. They are using screens because they are hurting inside. And that’s how they become addicted. With this program, I will show you why they are hurting and how to heal the hurt they are feeling on the inside. I will show you a whole new approach to dealing with the challenge of addiction. I will coach you step-by-step on exactly how to reverse your child’s screen addiction and when you apply what you learn, you will be saving the future mental, intellectual, emotional and physical health of your children.

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Healing Your Child's Anxiety and Fear

Millions of children struggle with the debilitating feeling of anxiety. Being anxious and fearful makes their lives extremely difficult. In these 7 videos, I guide you step-by step, in a whole different, and highly effective way, of calming and actually reversing, your child’s anxiety, replacing this negative emotion with courage and joy. You will learn some extremely important information to help you understand where your child’s anxiety actually comes from, what is causing it, as well as the tools to heal this.

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Heal YOUR Trauma And Your Child's Trauma Will Heal

A Beginner's Program

You might have noticed that the issue of Trauma is currently getting a great deal of attention. Mental health specialists are becoming increasingly aware of how trauma can change the trajectory of our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All the latest research shows us that trauma changes us and NOT in a good way.

And, in addition, we know that parents experiencing trauma, unintentionally pass this on to their children.

I have personally experienced trauma and the devastating effects of trauma on my life. Since I healed this, I often think about how much lighter and easier my life would have been, if I knew then, what I know now, about the effects of trauma – and how to heal it, rather than store it.

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From Stress Addiction to the joy of Calm, Peace and Serenity

Imagine how different life would be for your child and for your whole family when your child’s defiance is a thing of the past.

With this program, I will show you a whole new approach to dealing with the challenge of defiant behavior. I will coach you step-by-step on exactly how to HEAL the causes of this problem. And, by putting this into practice, you will be saving the future mental, intellectual, emotional and physical health of your child.

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The 7-Step Strategy for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction

Screen addiction is one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges facing families and children today. Being addicted to screens was a growing problem before the Corona Virus, and has now become even more serious. Because of the critical nature of this problem and how it affects children physically, mentally and emotionally, I have created a highly informative Masterclass, filled with everything you need to know about screen addiction, as well as a detailed 7-Step Strategy for preventing or reversing this.

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Masterclass: 7 Parenting Practices to Build Your Child's Confidence and Emotional Resilience

Resilient, confident children have inner strength, they believe in themselves, are confident in their abilities. They are determined, bold, gutsy and courageous. They know who they are and are proud of it. Resilient, confident children love life, engage easily with others and reach for their dreams. They are excited to try and experience new things. These children are not afraid to be the authentic version of who they truly are.

You cannot teach your children to be this way. It has to come from inside of them. In this Masterclass I show you EXACTLY how to wire your child’s brain to be resilient and confident.

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