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The Parenting That Heals Way

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

The Parenting That Heals Way

It’s all about the chemistry of the parent-child relationship.

Did you know that your brain chemistry affects the way in which you behave, the way you speak, and the thoughts, beliefs and feelings you carry inside of you?

And do you know that your brain chemistry becomes your child’s brain chemistry and directly affects your child’s behavior, mood and ability to learn?

The Parenting That Heals Way teaches 7 ways to create a parent-child relationship, that will stimulate and support their healthy body and brain chemistry, so that they are able to feel good, behave positively, love life, learn easily and be resilient and confident.

The most unique aspect of my parenting approach, is that it teaches you how to strengthen your child on the inside, at the core of his or her being. With this kind of inner strength, they are primed for success and anything is possible.

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Goodbye Problems
Hello Confidence and Resilience

One of the first questions most parents ask me, when they visit with me, is, ‘Dr Sandy, how do I help my child become more emotionally resilient and self-confident?’ Having strong self-confidence and a robust emotional resilience, is the foundation for everything positive in a child’s life. Without this, children become vulnerable to behavior, mood and learning problems, such as defiance, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, withdrawal, fear, underachievement and much more. Join me on this exceptional coaching program and discover the real secrets to creating a parent-child relationship that will strengthen your child’s emotional resilience and self-confidence from the inside – so that they have what they need to be successful on the outside.

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The 7-Step Strategy for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction

Screen addiction is one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges facing families and children today. Being addicted to screens was a growing problem before the Corona Virus, and has now become even more serious. Because of the critical nature of this problem and how it affects children physically, mentally and emotionally, I have created a highly informative Masterclass, filled with everything you need to know about screen addiction, as well as a detailed 7-Step Strategy for preventing or reversing this.

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Healing Your Child's Anxiety and Fear

Millions of children struggle with the debilitating feeling of anxiety. Being anxious and fearful makes their lives extremely difficult. In these 7 videos, I guide you step-by step, in a whole different, and highly effective way, of calming and actually reversing, your child’s anxiety, replacing this negative emotion with courage and joy. You will learn some extremely important information to help you understand where your child’s anxiety actually comes from, what is causing it, as well as the tools to heal this.

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7 Parenting Practices to Build Your Child's Confidence and Emotional Resilience

Resilient, confident children have inner strength, they believe in themselves, are confident in their abilities. They are determined, bold, gutsy and courageous. They know who they are and are proud of it. Resilient, confident children love life, engage easily with others and reach for their dreams. They are excited to try and experience new things. These children are not afraid to be the authentic version of who they truly are.

You cannot teach your children to be this way. It has to come from inside of them. In this Masterclass I show you EXACTLY how to wire your child’s brain to be resilient and confident.

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De-Stressing and Healing Your Nervous System

When parents are parenting from a dysregulated nervous system this is bad news for the parent’s spirit, body and brain health. It prevents you from living life with health, wellness, resilience, confidence and joy.  It is also bad news for your children.


A Mom or Dad with a dysregulated nervous system will be (unintentionally) dysregulating the children’s nervous system. We will be sending stress and alarm and fatigue signals to our children which will prevent them from feeling safe and secure.  A child with a dysregulated nervous system cannot learn easily, feel good, be emotionally resilient, behave positively, use their talents, reach their potential or love life.

Your nervous system will heal and your life will change when you know exactly how to make this happen. I have created a 4-Step Process for achieving this and I would LOVE to teach you how to start doing this.

Note: This is a starter/beginner’s program for people who are not well-versed in the nervous system, how it works and how to start healing it.

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