New Year is a time of great gratitude and excitement for me. Gratitude for the amazing things that I was able to manifest this past year and excitement about making the New Year an even more extraordinary one. I have come to understand so clearly that things don’t happen to us – they actually happen through us. And that every single thing – good or bad – that happens to us – happens we because we manifest it.   And since we are, indeed, manifesting every moment of every day, we may as well know how to intentionally use this power of manifestation, (that we already have), to bring our dreams to life.

I’d like to share how I tap into my power to manifest and I hope you find this useful. Please leave me a comment. I would love to know your thoughts about what I am sharing.

Step 1: I Keep Taking Myself Higher

I begin by knowing that there is a direct relationship between what I am thinking and believing and what I will manifest in my life. Neuroscience has proven that our thoughts have vibrational energy and the kind of thought-energy we send out attracts the same energy back. (isn’t that a ‘Wow!?’) Read this sentence again if you didn’t get the Wow!)
So, I make sure that I never think thoughts that I don’t want to have happen. Not ever! If I find I am having negative, fear-filled, anxious thought, I quickly become aware of it and replace it with a clear and positive opposite thought – a thought about what I would love to manifest.
I do this as many times in the day, week or month that I may need to do it. Some days I am in my higher self and my thoughts are manifesting amazing things. Other days I am in my lower self. These are the times I intentionally work on taking myself higher.

Step 2: I See the Dream

I carve out some serious time to reflect on – and answer – two majorly important manifestation questions:
– “What does my highest self want to manifest in 2019?
– “ What must I do differently from the 1st of January to ensure that I invite this into my life?”
I go crazy with this question. I break all the shackles I may have that are holding me back – and I think BIG. I have learned that if I dream about the new year from my lower self, I will only manifest more of the same old, same old. Instead I now know how to recognize my traditional and generationally driven program – and I just push past that I keep going higher, going bigger, going wilder identifying what I want to manifest for myself in the new year.

Step 3: I Live the Dream

Then finally, I live my life from the mindset that this vision or dream I have identified, is already happening. I feel the feelings of success, I think the thoughts that take me higher each day. And should I slip and let my lower self creep in, I go back to Step 1 and start to change my vibrations so that I can manifest my wildest dreams.

Here are the 3 steps that will help you manifest your wildest dreams in the New Year:

1. Take your thoughts Higher.
2. See the Dream.
3. Be the Dream. Live the Dream.

I wish you a wonder-filled year as you manifest your dreams.