Dr. Sandy Gluckman’s Powerful Masterclass

7 Parenting Practices to Build Your Child's Confidence and Emotional Resilience

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Resilient, confident children have inner strength, they believe in themselves, are confident in their abilities. They are determined, bold, gutsy and courageous. They know who they are and are proud of it. Resilient, confident children love life, engage easily with others and reach for their dreams. They are excited to try and experience new things. These children are not afraid to be the authentic version of who they truly are.

You cannot teach your children to be this way. It has to come from inside of them. In this Masterclass I show you EXACTLY how to wire your child’s brain to be resilient and confident.

Why I Created This Masterclass

Parents ask me:

Every day, parents ask me: ‘Dr. Sandy just tell me exactly what I need to do, how I need to engage with my child, how to communicate, so that every time I am with my child, I am building his or her emotional strength and self-confidence.’

I get this question so often, that I decided to create a powerful 45-minute video Masterclass that is designed to give you the 7 things every parent needs to know, if they want to strengthen their child’s inner core.

Imagine your children being able to:

  • Deal effectively with stress
  • Navigate the ups and downs of their world
  • Speak up with confidence
  • Find their voice
  • Release their fears
  • Try new things
  • Enjoy life to the full
  • Be comfortable in their own skin
  • Stop having temper tantrums or meltdowns
  • Feel personal pride about who they are and what they stand for
  • Use their natural talents fully

These are the results you will see when you use my 7 Parenting That Heals Ways.

In order for you to feel the joy of watching your child grow stronger each day, there is one requirement. Once you have watched this webinar, you will need to put these 7 ways into practice every day, applying them in every situation you have with your child.

“Taking Dr Gluckman’s online Parenting That Heals as well as private coaching sessions has been life-changing! I’m so grateful for her teachings and the tools she gave us to learn how to approach challenges with our 7-year-old twins. Her work is truly healing. I’m amazed at how well the techniques work. Most of all, I love how Sandy gives practical tools and even word sequences to use to empower parents to parent from a place of compassion and love. If you are reading this, I’m pretty sure it’s a sign to sign up for the parenting courses. “

-Johanna L.

“Thank you so much for sharing your incredible insight, as well as all your guidance and support. You have opened our hearts and minds to a whole new way to help and encourage our precious children. We are forever changed and so thankful.” -Erin S

In this 45-Minute Masterclass I show you EXACTLY HOW to use each of these parenting practices effectively

In this Masterclass you get an in-depth description of each of the 7 parenting practices

You will learn ‘How’ to use each of these ways

And there is a check list for you:

  • To assess your current level of parenting skill in each of the 7 practices
  • Become aware of aspects that you hadn’t thought of and need to attend to
  • Decide what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing

“I have been working with Dr. Sandy Gluckman for several months for my daughter’s anxiety. I cannot express adequately how happy I am with the progress. Dr. Sandy has really helped me dive deep and understand the root of the anxiety. I had no idea when I first started my journey with her that I would be improving my relationship with my husband, my children and most importantly, myself! I would highly recommend her programs. “

-Camille B.

You will discover that these 7 ways are not like anything you have heard before as a parent.

That is because Parenting That Heals is based on Neuroscience which means I will teach you

how to strengthen your child on the inside versus trying to fix the child from the outside.

7 Parenting Practices to Build

Your Child's Confidence

and Emotional Resilience



“Dr. Sandy has changed our lives one session at a time. She’s helped us rediscover our beautiful boy who we’d lost sight of under some extreme behavior. She has helped us improve the parent child relationship with better attitudes and belief in our son and ourselves and given us the insights to turn a stressful home into a more peaceful environment. We are still a work in progress and continue to build on the small victories. We can’t thank you enough Dr. Sandy. We just wish we’d met you years earlier.” -Hannah F.

“Dr. Gluckman came into our lives at a particularly challenging time. I was extremely worried about my son’s health and his future. We had tried several different therapies, treatments, and approaches without much success. From day one, Dr. Gluckman provided hope, tangible tools, and a framework for shifting my perspective. She helped me understand what was going on behind my son’s behaviors which enabled me to truly see my son again, to parent with more empathy and compassion, and to find my own place of calm. Once I was able to better manage myself, it was remarkable to see the changes that took place in my son within a very short amount of time. She has brought so much healing and hope to our family of two.””

-Erin M.

7 Parenting Practices to Build

Your Child's Confidence

and Emotional Resilience



All content contained in this program and the supporting materials is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any symptoms, conditions or disorders. Please be certain to consult with your healthcare professional before making any decisions that affect your health or the health of your children.