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The Parenting That Heals10-Session Spirit-Body-Brain Program

This highly effective and transformational parent coaching program, is a powerful combination of video coaching together with live coaching for 10 weeks.

Once you are signed up for this program, you are given access to a coaching site containing powerful videos and other coaching material. Before coming to each live session, you will first complete the video coaching for that session. This way when you arrive for each live session, you will have already had some coaching that prepares you for the live session. This way we are able to work faster and achieve so much more over 10 weeks.

Before we start the sessions, you will complete a comprehensive Parenting that Heals Intake Questionnaire. Your responses to these questions help me understand what is happening to YOUR child and why it is happening. This way I am able to customize the 10 sessions so that they address what you and you child are grappling with. It is not an ‘off the shelf’ coaching program. The 10 sessions are personalized to give you the knowledge and skills that YOU need to heal YOUR child.

Is this therapy?

No, it is not traditional therapy. Although I am a clinical psychologist, I am not practicing therapy in the traditional sense. My work is based in neuroscience which means the ultimate goal of my, 10 Session, Parenting That Heals Program is to rewire your brain and nervous system, so that you are no longer parenting from an old program that is not working.

The combination of video coaching plus live coaching will empower you with all the knowledge and skills you need in order to heal yourself first and in so doing your child will heal with you and through you.

Sessions are scheduled for once a week on a particular day of the week and time of day, based on what is available on my schedule and works for you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all parenting program. These 10 sessions are personalized and customized to your specific situation and your child’s unique challenges.

My proven ‘whole child treatment process’ is based on my unique blend of studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology. This integrated approach treats all aspects of the child’s health – spirit, body and brain.

The Parenting That Heals Program Agenda

The Parenting That Heals principles and tools are taught first on video and then live with me on Zoom.

Here is a taste of what we will cover in this 10-Session combined video and live program

We Start First by Healing You

  • Recognizing and Releasing YOUR Family of Origin Generational Program.
  • The difference between inflammatory and non-inflammatory parenting
  • Recognizing your inflammatory parenting style
  • The seven keys to non-inflammatory parenting.
  • The 2 Sides of YOU – The Higher-Self me and the lower-self me.
  • Recognizing how your lower-self shows up
  • Saying ‘Hello’ to your Higher Self
  • Learn how the Higher-Self speaks
  • Learn the language of having healing conversations.
  • Using the Higher-Self for changing your child’s negative self-belief into a positive one.
  • Using the higher self for setting healthy boundaries.
  • Recognizing your self-sabotage stress-related behaviors – Fight, Flight or Freeze
  • Knowing exactly how, at any moment in time, to shift from the stressed lower-self into the calm, peaceful Higher-Self.
  • The power of your thoughts to bring about a wonderful future or a negative future. As you think, so shall it be.
  • How to move from visualizing the worst-case scenario to visualizing the best-case scenario.
  • Visualizing your Higher Self personal dream for the future.
  • How to LOVE the Higher-Self YOU. When you love and care for your higher-self, your children are the beneficiaries. When you don’t, they are the beneficiaries of your stressed, lower self.


Your Parenting Toolbox

The 10-Session program contains 35 short, powerful, neuroscience-based videos containing exactly what you need to know to heal yourself and your child.

These pre-session preparatory videos are yours to keep after we have concluded the 10 sessions. You own these and can revisit them whenever you need to remind yourself of something and sharpen your skills.

Read what the graduates of the program say

In the videos and live sessions you will learn how to:

  • Build your child’s identity and self-esteem
  • Stop power struggles over morning, homework, transitions, unexpected changes, dinner and bedtime.
  • Improve your child’s focus and attention
  • Practice consistent non-inflammatory discipline
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fears, emotions impulses and sensory issues
  • Prevent and defuse meltdowns
  • Teach your child responsibility without blaming others and making excuses
  • Create a healthy and harmonious family environment
  • Build on your child’s natural gifts
  • Heal health problems – allergies, acne, eczema, asthma, constipation – and many other

For fees, and to answer all your questions call Dr. Sandy at (972) 758-1246

3-Day / 4-Day Intensive

Parents fly to the clinic from all over the world to spend 3 or 4 days with me. We work 6 – 7 hours a day. The work we achieve in this deep intensive way is truly transformational and life-changing. This option is currently not available due to the Coronavirus.

“We were at the end of our rope, but with Dr. Sandy’s tools we have seen a transformation in our son that we could not have imagined. He is now so much more agreeable, calmer, sweet and loving. It feels as though a cloud has been lifted from him. He is also much more confidant and his self-esteem is building.”

-Kaylee and Mike

To read the amazing success stories of the Graduates of the Parenting That Heals Program

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Moms and Dads, I Know Your Challenges

My work with thousands of parents whose children grapple with learning, behavior and mood problems has shown me that as Moms and Dads you face some or all of these challenges…

  • You feel overwhelmed by the problems
  • You feel confused about the best forms of treatment for the problem
  • You are uncertain about how best to parent your child, worried that you might be making it worse
  • Everyone in your family is stressed by the child’s problems
  • Stress affects your relationship with your spouse
  • Worst of all, this has a negative effect on your child’s self-esteem.
  • Your child starts to believe, ‘I am not enough’ – not good enough, smart enough, talented enough …
  • This low self-worth prevents your child from learning easily, feeling good and behaving positively – proving to themselves, yet again, that they are ‘just not enough.’

Am I describing your situation?

Let Me Tell You How I Can Help You and Your Wonderful Kids Overcome these Problems

I Will Work With You

My approach is unique. I work with – and through – you, the parent, teaching you everything you need to know in terms of knowledge and parenting tools, so that YOU are able to use the parent-child relationship to heal your child. I know that what you are doing is done with all the love in the world; you are doing your best, and yet, often this is not what the child needs.

  • I will teach you how to treat ‘the whole child’ – spirit, body and brain, so that your child can be fully healed.
  • Together, we will discover the source of your child’s problems, and address these, so that the problems are reversed, and never return.
  • Then I will teach you what to change in your parenting style so that your child can become the very best version of himself or herself.
  • I will show you how you may, unintentionally, be triggering your child’s problems.
  • I will be an active member of your child's healing journey, supporting you through the healing steps and coaching you on the parenting tools.
  • I will use drug-free solutions, whenever possible.

Just Imagine...

  • Seeing your child grow more and more emotionally resilient and able to go with the flow
  • Noticing that your child has a newfound confidence and is feeling good about himself/herself
  • Your child being calm and relaxed
  • Your child is more able to focus and pay attention
  • Feeling the joy of seeing your child free of anxiety and fears
  • No more power struggles over homework, transitions, unexpected changes, mornings, dinner and bedtime
  • Your child is less impulsive and more able to regulate his moods and behavior
  • Seeing your child develop a love of learning and motivation to achieve
  • Temper tantrums and meltdowns are pretty much a thing of the past
  • No more defiance and oppositional behavior
  • No more depression or withdrawal
  • A happy, relaxed, harmonious home environment

For fees, and to answer all your questions call Dr. Sandy at (972) 758-1246

“Dr. Sandy, I get so much out of my sessions with you and from the support group. And thank you for the most amazing attitude shift that allowed me to give myself freedom to drop whatever expectations I though I needed to place on my boys. Now I just allow myself to focus on each of their individual needs and talents and enjoy how precious they are! I appreciate you so much Dr. Sandy!”


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For fees, and to answer all your questions call Dr. Sandy at (972) 758-1246

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