Moms and Dads, I Know Your Challenges

My work with thousands of parents whose children grapple with learning, behavior and mood problems has shown me that as Moms and Dads you face some or all of these challenges…

  • You feel overwhelmed by the problems
  • You feel confused about the best forms of treatment for the problem
  • You are uncertain about how best to parent your child, worried that you might be making it worse
  • Everyone in your family is stressed by the child’s problems
  • Stress affects your relationship with your spouse
  • Worst of all, this has a negative effect on your child’s self-esteem.
  • Your child starts to believe, ‘I am not enough’ – not good enough, smart enough, talented enough …
  • This low self-worth prevents your child from learning easily, feeling good and behaving positively – proving to themselves, yet again, that they are ‘just not enough.’

Am I describing your situation?

Just Imagine...

  • Seeing your child grow more and more emotionally resilient and able to go with the flow
  • Noticing that your child has a newfound confidence and is feeling good about himself/herself
  • Your child being calm and relaxed
  • Your child is more able to focus and pay attention
  • Feeling the joy of seeing your child free of anxiety and fears
  • No more power struggles over homework, transitions, unexpected changes, mornings, dinner and bedtime
  • Your child is less impulsive and more able to regulate his moods and behavior
  • Seeing your child develop a love of learning and motivation to achieve
  • Temper tantrums and meltdowns are pretty much a thing of the past
  • No more defiance and oppositional behavior
  • No more depression or withdrawal
  • A happy, relaxed, harmonious home environment

“We were at the end of our rope, but with Dr. Sandy’s tools we have seen a transformation in our son that we could not have imagined. He is now so much more agreeable, calmer, sweet and loving. It feels as though a cloud has been lifted from him. He is also much more confidant and his self-esteem is building.”

-Kaylee and Mike

Let Me Tell You How I Can Help You and Your Wonderful Kids Overcome these Problems

I Will Work With You

My goal when working with parents is to empower you to use your relationship with your child as a healing tool. To achieve this, I will give you the knowledge and the parenting tools, specific to your situation, so that you can begin healing your child immediately.

  • I will show you how you may, unintentionally, be triggering your child’s problems.
  • Then I will teach you what to change in your parenting style so that your child can become the very best version of himself or herself.
  • Together, we will discover the source of your child’s problems, and address these, so that the problems never return.
  • I will use drug-free solutions, whenever possible.
  • We will treat ‘the whole child’ – spirit, body and brain, so that the child can be fully healed.
  • I will be an active member of your child's healing journey, supporting you through the healing steps and coaching you on the parenting tools.

I Will Work With Your Child

My goal in working with your child is to teach him or her the tools needed to overcome challenges, such as anxiety, defiance, depression, fears, OCD, focus and attention, trauma and more.

I achieve this by:

  • Reducing their feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Strengthening their emotional resilience
  • Building their self-confidence
  • Connecting them to their self-identity
  • Rewiring their self-belief from, I am Not Enough, to, I am SO Enough

“Dr. Sandy, I get so much out of my sessions with you and from the support group. And thank you for the most amazing attitude shift that allowed me to give myself freedom to drop whatever expectations I though I needed to place on my boys. Now I just allow myself to focus on each of their individual needs and talents and enjoy how precious they are! I appreciate you so much Dr. Sandy!”


Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Founder of 'Parenting that Heals'

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Hi, I’m Dr. Sandy Gluckman and I am a learning, behavior and mood specialist, author, educator and international speaker who has consulted with, and trained, thousands of parents and teachers in different parts of the world. I offer a highly effective approach to treat and heal learning, behavior and mood challenges, whenever possible, without medication.

My proven ‘Whole child treatment process’ is based on my unique blend of studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology. This integrated approach treats all aspects of the child’s health – spirit, body and brain.

I am also the author of ‘Parents Take Charge: Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Without Medication’ and, ‘Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully.’

Allow Me to Share My Quest with You

I describe myself as being an advocate for the next generation, too many of whom are being over-diagnosed, over-medicated, and deeply misunderstood.

I know, from personal experience what it is like to be a child whose brain thinks differently. For me, just as it is for every child today, this is actually a great gift but one that is greatly misunderstood by the adults around us. Although well-intentioned, the truth is that outdated medical diagnoses and treatment, as well as uninformed teaching and parenting, can unintentionally keep children stuck, instead of igniting their true genius.

Many years of experience have shown me that behind the learning, behavior or mood symptoms a child may develop, there is a problem-free, uniquely talented child, capable of his or her own kind of greatness. That is why I am passionately driven by a calling to teach parents and teachers around the globe, how to free the remarkable being that lies within every child so that they can live remarkable lives.

My Work has Been Featured On

For fees, and to answer all your questions call Dr. Sandy at (972) 758-1246

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Consulting Options

One Hour Consulting

I will coach you until you reach the point where you feel that you have started to see major improvements in your child and are clearly seeing signs that by using these tools, you are reversing and healing your child’s learning, behavior or mood challenges. In the majority of cases, parents do such an excellent job using my spirit-body-brain tools that there is no longer a need for me to see the child. In some cases, I will need to follow up with sessions for the child. Sessions are scheduled for once a week on a particular day of the week and time of day, based on what is available on my schedule and works for you. There is a choice to buy sessions in bundles of 4, which is a less expensive option.

The 10-Session Program

This is not a one-size-fits-all parenting program. These 10 sessions are personalized and customized to your specific situation and your child’s unique challenges. What is unique about this program, is that, before each session, you will be given powerful videos and other materials that will prepare you for the next session. Parents have seen amazing results reversing their child’s learning, behavior or mood challenges, using the information and tools they learned on this program.

My proven ‘whole child treatment process’ is based on my unique blend of studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology. This integrated approach treats all aspects of the child’s health – spirit, body and brain.

3-Day / 4-Day Intensive

Parents fly to the clinic from all over the world to spend 3 or 4 days with me. We work 6 – 7 hours a day. The work we achieve in this deep intensive way is truly transformational and life-changing. This option is currently not available due to the Coronavirus.

The 90-Minute Discovery Session

This is an excellent option for parents who only want a diagnostic assessment of the child’s problem or who are uncertain about whether they want to become involved in consulting. Once you schedule this session, you will receive some questionnaires which you complete online and return to me. I analyze your information and when you arrive for the session, I am able to tell you:

  • What is happening inside your child.
  • What these symptoms indicate.
  • Why it is happening.
  • How I would reverse and heal the problem/s.

For fees, and to answer all your questions call Dr. Sandy at (972) 758-1246

Or Click Here to schedule a 30 minute complimentary session