Dr. Sandy Gluckman

Heal YOUR Trauma And Your Child's Trauma Will Heal

A Beginner's Program

This Program is for parents that:

  • Understand that if their children have any learning, behavior or mood problems, including screen addiction, this is directly linked to the stress and trauma of the parents
  • Understand that when we speak of trauma, we are speaking about toxic stress. It is this stress in the parents that triggers behavior and mood problems in the children
  • And most importantly it is for parents who want to learn how they can start healing their own stress and trauma so that their children can learn easily, behave positively, feel good about themselves, be emotionally resilient, engage easily with others and love life.

If You Respond "Yes" to Several or Many of these, You Are Dealing with Trauma

  • Are easily triggered emotionally
  • Often feel frustrated or irritable
  • Feel mentally and/or physically drained
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Feel constantly tired
  • Feel anxious and worried
  • Think negative thoughts
  • Don’t laugh enough and have fun
  • Find it difficult to kick back and relax
  • Don’t seem to be able to de-stress and feel truly calm
  • Feel like each day is an uphill battle
  • Are being treated for physical complaints.
  • Feel like you are surviving rather than thriving
List in notebook

These signs are a very important message to you …

It is the body’s way of telling you that you are dealing with toxic stress (otherwise known as ‘trauma’).

Living with stress and trauma will hold you back from being the healthy, thriving person and healing parent, you so wish to be.

It is so very important to realize this and take the next step in your journey towards healing yourself so that you can heal your child.

I have personally experienced trauma and the devastating effects of trauma on my life. Since I healed this, I often think about how much lighter and easier my life would have been, if I knew then, what I know now, about the effects of trauma – and how to heal it, rather than store it.

After my own experience with the effects of trauma, over many years, and now my studies in trauma, I come to you today with a very important message.

Please never take the signs of trauma lightly.  Not in yourself and especially not in your beloved children.  Signs of trauma should never be taken lightly, never be ignored, never be denied and never hope that it goes away on its own.  Because it does not. It gets stored in our bodies and brains and influences our every thought, our every feeling and our every behavior.

I believe, very strongly, that today every parent needs to be trauma-informed because trauma is a serious condition that can significantly affect our lives, and, therefore, our beloved children’s lives, going forward.

Listen to parents speak about how their lives were changed

Core Components of the Heal Your Trauma Program

Woman using laptop computer

1. Five powerful video coaching sessions to do at your own pace and in your own time

Woman watching video on laptop

2. Included are 2 beautiful guided visualizations

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3. The videos are experiential – we practice the tools together

The Heal Your Trauma Program Outline

Session 1: 2 Videos - Part 1 & Part 2

Identifying your personal stress and trauma

Understanding the relationship between stress, trauma and your nervous system

Understanding your generational program

Crafting a roadmap and vision of your life without stress and trauma

Session 2

Making friends with your nervous system

Recognizing how your trauma is affecting you

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • your relationships
  • your career

The Do’s and Do Not’s of healing yourself

Session 3: 2 Videos - Part 1 & Part 2

Your Healing Tool Box

Tool 1 for unwiring the trauma in your nervous system

Practicing this tool

Session 4: 2 Videos - Part 1 & Part 2

Tools 2 and 3 for unwiring the trauma in your nervous system

Practicing the tools

Strengthening the practice of Tool 1

Session 5: 2 Videos - Part 1 & Part 2

Tools 4 and 5 for unwiring your nervous system

Practicing the tools

How to continue healing and thrive

A Taste of What Some People are Saying About this Program

‘Heal Your Trauma, Heal Your Child’s Trauma was an awesome starting point for me to take inventory (in a non-judgemental way) of my past trauma and to see how it is impacting my children today. I am someone who is not interested in talk therapy but love going deeper in understanding myself and parent-child dynamics that I am a part of. This course heightened my awareness of some of my emotional habits and showed me I do have the power to change them. I am so excited to take this on for the benefit of my children.’ ~Zorami

‘The 5 sessions are well worth the investment of time and money. The program made a difference for our family in a way that many hours and a lot of money invested in other great programs never did. I would recommend it to everyone.’ ~Michaelle

‘The benefits of the Heal Your Trauma course were very eye-opening. Before the course I wondered if I had any childhood trauma at all. However, by the end of the first evening, I knew I had plenty of trauma that needed healing. I have taken many of the exercises taught by Dr. Sandy and incorporated them into my everyday life. I am also able to now recognize when my nervous system is feeling dysregulated and apply the tools, I’ve learned to help bring myself back to a calm and peaceful state.’ ~Melanie

‘Since I’ve been doing this – my son who struggles at school and has been totally disengaged for many years, has of his own accord started going back to school for full days. If you’ve ever gone through this, you’d know this is a complete miracle. I feel that from doing this work with Dr Sandy I’ve changed and so has he and I’m proud of him because he’s showing us, he has a lot of courage and willpower. I feel I have also let go of lots of anger about this situation. The work is unique life changing and brilliant. Take care Dr Sandy and thank you for your amazing work.’ ~Pam

‘The Heal Your Trauma sessions were super helpful and eye opening. It was just the right amount of information to really understand how the nervous system works without being overwhelming. The tools we learned have already been super helpful and made a big difference in my stress level. I think this is something every single parent needs.’ ~Lori

Heal YOUR Trauma And Your Child's Trauma Will Heal

Fee: $320


All content contained in this program and the supporting materials is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any symptoms, conditions or disorders. Please be certain to consult with your healthcare professional before making any decisions that affect your health or the health of your children.