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Heal Your Child's Anxiety and Fear

The Parenting That Heals Way

7 Ways to Help Your Child Convert Anxiety into Inner Strength and Courage

Tens of thousands of children, of all ages, are not able to become everything that they are actually capable of being, because their anxiety keeps them stuck and prevents them from reaching for their own greatness.

As a Mom and Dad, it is so painful to watch a beloved child, of any age, grapple with feelings of anxiety and fear.

If we don’t know how to parent an anxious child, in ways that truly heals the anxiety, we could unintentionally keep our child stuck with fear and anxiety rather than relieving them of this awful feeling that gnaws away at them.

Imagine Your Child As...

Happy boy in yellow shirt
Positive female student

Feeling comfortable in his/her own skin

Feeling strong and centered on the inside

Feeling safe and happy

Being bold and courageous

Trying new things

Not being afraid of failure

Having a strong sense of self-worth

Loving life

Living life without anxiety and fear

Helping your child achieve this is easier than you think!

Healing Your Child's Anxiety and Fear

An Online Video Program

This program will provide you with a whole new understanding of how you can become the parent your child needs so that they can be anxiety-and fear-free.

7 Eye-Opening Videos Filled with Powerful Information and Tools

First you will learn the facts you need to know:

  • What this term, ‘anxiety’ really means
  • Where anxiety actually comes from
  • What it means to heal anxiety by healing the ‘whole child,’ the spirit-body-brain way
  • What it means to heal the root cause of your child’s anxiety and fear

Then I will coach you with the tools and skills you need to convert your child’s anxiety into inner strength:

  • How to rewire your child’s negative beliefs
  • Connecting with the anxious-free child
  • Building self-esteem and self-worth
  • The healing power of being fully present
  • How to calm yourself to calm your child
  • The steps to take to avoid keeping your child stuck with anxiety?
  • How to identify the mistakes you may be making

Hello Folks!

I created this 7 Video program because the topic of how to parent an anxious child is immensely important and because traditional ideas about how-to parent children that are struggling with anxiety are completely outdated and no longer useful; perhaps even making things worse.

My Parenting That Heals Way is based on neuroscience and teaches 3 things:

  • YOU, as a parent, can heal your child’s anxiety when you know how
  • Anxiety can only be healed from the inside, not from the outside
  • We can only truly heal anxiety by healing the underlying root cause

In this program I will coach you on how to use the parent-child relationship to reverse and heal your child’s anxiety and fear, using a whole different kind of parenting approach.

“We had tried several different therapies, treatments and approaches for my son, without much success. Dr Gluckman’s approach provides hope, tangible tools and a powerful framework for change. It was remarkable to see the changes that took place in myself and my son in a very short period of time. She has brought so much healing to our family of two.”

-Erin M.

“We’ve finished your course on Healing Your Child’s Anxiety and Fear and we are definitively seeing the transformation in ourselves and the ripple effect on our child. This week was even more amazing than the previous two weeks. We spent hours doing things together and talking about things, which hasn’t happened in months. We immensely appreciate the consciousness you are generating.”

-Debra M.

“Dr Sandy’s work is very effective. I have had the pleasure of benefitting from several of her incredible online courses. Her work has enlightened and enriched my life in countless ways. I am immensely grateful for her and her work.”

-Shelly W.

Healing Your Child's Anxiety and Fear


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