Parents today are busily looking for the best ways to free their wonderful kiddos of many different behavior, mood or learning problems – such as low confidence and self-worth; defiance, anger, meltdowns, withdrawal, sadness, anxiety and fear, difficulty with focus and attention – and the list goes on and on.

But the truth is we cannot heal these problems because they are just symptoms of something else.  Instead of focusing on the problems, what we need to be healing is the root cause, and  these problems will magically disappear.

Here is the most amazing thing I have discovered after my many years of research and practice –  I have discovered that there is ONE root cause that is common in EVERY child that has a problem – no matter what the problem is.  And when we heal this ONE original root cause – all the emotional, mental, physical and academic problems are eliminated.

I guess you are all going – okay Dr Sandy get to it – what’s this one root cause.  Give me a minute.  I’m getting there. I first need to have an important chat with you.

Have you ever thought about this?  Children are closest to which source when they arrive in this world? They are born with a higher vibrating self that has an immense knowingness, a sense of complete wholeness and total self-acceptance and self-love.They know about their oneness with the divine.  They know what they need in order to stay whole.  They know what feels right for them, and what doesn’t feel right for them.  They know in their cells that,‘I am me and I am so enough’.

They are incredibly in tune to every vibration around them.  They know all about you.  They know if you are anxious or afraid or happy and serene.  They know what you are thinking and believing. They know what you feel about yourself and what you feel about them.

And then what happens to this higher vibrating soul is that we begin to mess with their wholeness, we ignore their knowingness by not seeing and hearing them, and we begin to assess and judge them according to our expectations and beliefs (which were placed on us by our parents).  And we tell them repeatedly – in subtle and not so subtle ways – don’t be the authentic wonder of who you are – be what I think you should be – (which is actually what my parents thought I should be – and what their parents told them to be). And unknowingly we cause them to believe …who I am is not enough.   Unknowingly we cause them to disconnect from their unlimited higher self and instead become limited.

The inner pain of believing … ‘who I am is not enough and therefore I must disconnect from who I truly am’ causes the child’s inner spirit to ache.  The longing for their authentic self to be seen, affects their entire life.  So, Moms and Dads, I am saying that this deeply held belief that,‘who I am is not enough’ is the birthplace of every problem a child may manifest. It is that ache that,we as parents, and as health practitioners, need to be healing if we want to heal learning, behavior and mood problems.And the only way we can do this is by reconnecting the child with his or her whole and enlightened self.

AND the only way that this can happen is if WE, as Moms and Dads, heal our own feelings of ‘not enoughness’ / not feeling enough and instead begin to feel that we are SO ENOUGH. When we realize this about ourselves, we will become healing parents, that know how to raise children who feel, I am SO Enough!

Bottom line:

We have a choice – we can either connect with our children through our limited self, one that has unfinished emotional business, which will keep our children stuck – or we can heal ourselves and connect with our kiddos from our highest self, which will enable our kiddos to become problem-free, learn easily, love life, feel good about themselves and others, and behave in positive ways.

The truth is that our children don’t have the problem.  They are carrying Mom’s or Dad’s unfinished business.  And when Mom and Dad heal, the children can step easily into their own greatness. And can change the world!