Allow Me to Share My Quest with You

I am passionately driven by a calling to teach parents and teachers around the globe, how to help their children step into their own greatness and live remarkable lives. I describe myself as being an advocate for the next generation, too many of whom are being over-diagnosed, over-medicated, and misunderstood.

Truly remarkable brain research is showing us an amazing new way to heal learning, behavior and mood challenges and rewire the brain so that the child can reach their greatest potential.  Although well-intentioned, the truth is that outdated medical diagnoses and treatment, as well as uninformed teaching and parenting, can unintentionally keep children stuck, instead of igniting their true genius.

My signature programs, “Parenting That Heals,” and “Teaching That Heals the Brain,” have been presented in live workshops, as well as online, in many countries.  These workshops, and my book,  Parents Take Charge,  are transforming the way teachers, parents and healthcare practitioners respond to the children whose lives they touch.


Dr. Gluckman is the author of 'Parents Take Charge' and 'Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully' She also authored a chapter in 'Mission Possible' and has published extensively in parenting, education and business journals.

Leadership Coach

A master at teaching business leaders behavior and communication skills that inspire exceptional performance, growth, and profitability. Her highly effective leadership development methodology, called Spirited Economics has shifted thousands of leaders and teams from mediocre to exceptional.


A frequent speaker at parenting, education and business conferences. Her leading edge content, delivered in her highly spirited way, inspires audiences nationally and globally.

My Approach

The Healing Parent Program is based on an integration of the following 3 sciences.  The goal of The Healing Parent Program is to heal the WHOLE CHILD – spirit, body and brain.

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My More Formal Bio

Dr. Sandy Gluckman is a learning and behavior specialist, author, educator and international speaker who has consulted with, and trained, thousands of parents and teachers around the globe. Dr. Sandy’s specialty is in teaching parents how to use their relationship with their children as a powerful healing tool.

Dr. Gluckman holds a degree in Clinical Psychology. Her PhD thesis, The Whole Brain Approach to Education, shows the benefits of using both sides of the brain in communicating, teaching and learning.  Dr. Sandy’s ‘whole child’ approach is based on her unique blend of studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology. Dr. Sandy’s unique integrated approach treats all aspects of the child’s health – spirit, body and brain.

In private consultations, she uses a combination of individual, couples and family counselling, based on what is required in each situation. She also offers presentations, keynotes and workshops to parents, educators and healthcare providers around the globe, empowering them with the newest information and the tools to heal children and teens, academically, emotionally and physically.

My Experience

Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

Established Private Practice in South Africa using a Whole Brain- Whole Person Healing approach.

Founder and President

Gluckman Group Leadership Development Company 1990. Corporate Theater Corp. 2000 Companies using whole brain tools.


Established Qualitative Research Company. Conducted Whole Brain Research for Fortune 500 companies.


Adjunct Professor, Texas Women’s University Executive MBA Program University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management University of Witwatersrand Business School.

Learning and Behavioral Specialist

Studies in Neuroscience and Functional Medicine. I teach parents and teachers how to use the relationship with the child to heal their brain.

Podcast and Media Appearances

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August 16, 2020 – Are you Passing Your Unhealed Childhood Trauma onto Your Child?Conquering the Battle Within Summit

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