Free Meditations

Neuroscience shows us that calm parents raise calm children.
Stressed parents raise stressed children.
And stressed children develop all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and learning problems.
If we want our children to learn easily, behave positively, feel good and love life, we, as parents,
must know how to reduce our stress and become calm and serene and joyful.

There are all kinds of medication to help with reducing stress.
But why would we want to use medication when we can use meditation?
The most powerful – and enjoyable – way to destress is by making meditation a daily practice.
Just as you always brush your teeth each day, so you should always meditate each day..

You will be truly amazed at how different you feel.
More importantly, you will respond in a stress-less way with your children – no longer passing on your stress to them
And, without the effects of stress, your wondrous children can thrive!