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The 7 Steps to Healing Your Child's Screen Addiction

With Bestselling Author, Renowned Parenting Coach & Founder of ‘Parenting That Heals’

Dr. Sandy Gluckman


The 7 Steps to Healing Your Child's Screen Addiction

This Program is not for You if Your Child:

Collage of happy children

Fits in comfortably with the way you schedule time in your home – wake-up, meals, homework, chores, shower, bed time

Enjoys sitting around and engaging with the family members

Has conversations with you and/or siblings about all kinds of interesting topics

Can easily transition from a screen to other activities

Likes to be outdoors some of the time

Is motivated to learn and achieve

Has self-confidence

Is comfortable in his /her own skin

Has fun, laughs a lot,

shows up with a positive energy, and is generally happy

Is able to self-regulate his/her emotions

This Program is for You if Your Child Shows Several of these Signs of Screen Addiction

Girl with screen addiction
phone with a chain over it
Kids addicted to screens

Unwillingness to do chores, reading, and engage in outdoor play, visit the grandparents, walk the dog ….

Declining grades

Unmotivated to do schoolwork and learn

Unmotivated to participate in family activities

Has become increasingly irritable and/or defiant

Overreacts emotionally

Is often angry or withdrawn; or stressed and uptight

Has a low frustration tolerance

Has low self-worth

Has problems with sleeping

Strongly resists the limits you try to set on screens

Has meltdowns when you try to take screens away

Tries to sneak screens into the bedroom at night

Doesn’t listen when you speak

Imagine your life without the stress and conflict and anxiety and worry of your child’s screen addiction…

Imagine how reversing your child’s addiction will open up a whole new future for him or her. Imagine your child feeling good, behaving positively, learning easily, achieving success and loving life!

With this program, I will show you a whole new approach to dealing with the challenge of addiction. I will coach you step-by-step on exactly how to reverse your children’s screen addiction. And, by putting this into practice, you will be saving the future mental, intellectual, emotional and physical health of your children.

Core Components of The 7 Steps Program

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You will receive 7, easy to follow, coaching videos. Do these in your own time and at your own pace

Woman watching video on laptop

You should watch one coaching video at a time, make notes and then put what you learned into practice

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You will learn, and apply, powerful healing parenting tools, by following the step-by-step process on the coaching videos

The 7 Steps to Healing Your Child's Screen Addiction

You’ll see my videos through streaming video via any connected device.

What you will learn in these 7 coaching videos…

Video 1 – An introduction to Reversing Screen Addiction using the inside-out approach.

In this video you will learn about:

What to avoid doing when dealing with your child’s screen addiction

Why strategies and tools you have tried before have not worked

3 root causes that are driving this addiction in your child.

You will discover the first underlying root cause of your child’s addiction –how and why this happened.


Video 2 – The 2nd Underlying Root Cause

In this video you will learn critically important information about the second reason why your child needs to spend so much time with screens.

You will discover how and why this 2nd root cause came about in your child’s life.


Video 3 – The 3rd Underlying Root Cause

In this video you will learn about this deep 3rd root cause of your child’s addiction to screen

You will discover how this 3rd root cause actually triggers root causes 1 and 2


Video 4 – De-Stressing Yourself and Your Child

In this video you will learn about Interpersonal Neurobiology and how this impacts your child

You will go on an inner journey to discover the healthy part of your being that is capable of healing your child’s addiction

You will understand why your child cannot heal until you have connected with this healing part of you


Video 5 – Rewiring Your Child’s Self-Belief

In this video you will learn a powerful tool for building your child’s emotional resilience

You will learn the step-by-step method for rewiring your child’s brain for confidence and greater self-esteem


Video 6: Part 1 – Strategies for Setting Screen Boundaries

In this video you will learn the importance of beginning the boundary-setting process with a clear and coherent strategy

You will be introduced to a 7-Step Strategy for managing screen time


Video 6: Part 2 – Setting Healthy Boundaries in a Healthy Way

In this video you will learn how to set healthy boundaries around screens with your children

You will learn how to make this a collaborative process

And what needs to change about how you engage and communicate with your child in order to avoid conflict and meltdowns


Video 7 – Healing Your Child’s Screen Addiction from Your Higher Self

In this video you will learn how to ensure that you have the ability to effectively and successfully reverse your child’s screen challenges.

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr Sandy’s screen time addiction program. The program was a “game changer”. Her program offers practical tools and advice to approach screen time in a more healthy and responsible manner. Dr Sandy has made us confident that we are doing our best to maintain healthy boundaries when it comes to screen time. I highly recommend this program if you are looking for a different approach to managing screen time in your home.”

-Nimisha CK

Note to the Graduates of my 10-Session Program

You already have a far-advanced version of the information, tools and skills that I teach in this program.

This would be a duplication for you and not of the same advanced level as the 10-Session Program.


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All content contained in this program and the supporting materials is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any symptoms, conditions or disorders. Please be certain to consult with your healthcare professional before making any decisions that affect your health or the health of your children.