Dr. Sandy Gluckman

The Real Way to Prevent and Reverse Screen Addiction

With Bestselling Author, Renowned Parenting Coach & Founder of ‘Parenting That Heals’

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

We have been dealing with this problem in the wrong way!

Screen addiction is not the problem.

Screen addiction is a symptom of a deeper problem and when we heal that deeper problem, the screen addiction is reversed.

As you’ll see, it’s not about fixing the child’s addiction to the screen – it’s about healing what caused the addiction in the first place – and then setting new boundaries.

Once we have healed the root cause, that terrible, addictive need and feeling is no longer in control, the child is back in control, and it is easy to set new and healthy boundaries together with the child.


The Real Way to Prevent and Reverse Screen Addiction.

Screen addiction has become one of THE biggest challenges facing parents today. And it is a serious one! Exhausted and overwhelmed parents report feeling at a loss as to how to navigate such a frightening crisis.

Despite their very best efforts, using all kinds of parenting strategies they had learned, parents are discovering that their children’s addictive behaviors seem to continue and even worsen. Parents tell me they are feeling helpless. They feel as though they are ‘damned if they do try to remove the screens and damned if they don’t’.

In my program, I will show you why most efforts to deal with screen addiction fail. I will coach you on a whole new approach, showing you exactly what we need to do differently to deal with this challenging addiction.

I will coach you on exactly how to reverse your children’s screen addiction and when you put this into practice, you will be saving the future mental, intellectual, emotional and physical health of your children.

This is a one-of-a kind program based in neuroscience.

Screen addiction starts with what is happening in the child’s brain. And what is happening in the child’s brain is dictated by what is happening in the child’s spirt. A happy, confident, emotionally resilient child, has a healthy brain and will not be vulnerable to becoming addicted to screens.

I will coach you how to literally rewire what’s happening in your child’s spirit and brain in a way that your child will no longer crave screens.

We will work together, healing and rewiring your child step-by-step, using my highly effective Parenting That Heals Way

What is the Parenting That Heals Way?

We don’t see the child as having a problem
We treat it as a family problem

We don’t try to manage the screen addiction
We heal the child’s emotional need for the screen

We don’t use a band-aid approach
We get to the root cause of the problem and heal that

We don’t try and fix your child from the outside-in
We heal your child from the inside-out, by healing what is hurting on the inside

Children who are addicted to gaming, texting, social media, aren’t doing it because they love it.

They are doing it because they are self-medicating. They are hurting inside.

And that’s how they become addicted.

Join me and let me show you how to reverse your child’s addiction to screens by healing the root of the problem.

In this transformational program, I will guide you through my addiction-reversing spirit-brain-body approach.  What does that mean?  It means that I will show you how to fight the addiction by healing your child’s spirit, brain and body all together, instead of just trying to change the behavior, which will not work.

I will teach you the knowledge, the skills and competencies you’ll need in order to achieve your greatest desire to free your child of this troubling behavior.

As you bring this new understanding of how to heal screen addiction into your life, you will begin to see the challenge of screen addiction differently. You will learn how to respond with love, intelligence, and compassion to what is happening inside of your child instead of with frustration, anger, fear and sadness.

Here is just a taste of what you will learn on these coaching videos…

  • The 3 reasons why strategies and tools you tried before have not worked
  • The 3 triggers of your child’s screen addiction
  • Why, and how, your child developed these triggers (while others didn’t)
  • How healing your child’s spirit, brain and body together, prevents and reverses screen addiction
  • What it means to heal screen addiction from the inside, not from the outside
  • How to build your child’s emotional resilience
  • • How to rewire your child’s brain for confidence and greater self-esteem
  • Ways to set collaborative healthy boundaries around screens
  • How to be a ‘Higher Self’ parent
  • What needs to change about how you engage and communicate with your child
  • How to reset the family lifestyle
  • And much more

This program consists of 7 coaching videos plus workbooks. Each video will build delete harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete understanding of the (delete principles), knowledge, practices, skills and tools you’ll need to reverse or prevent your child’s screen addiction.

Screen addiction program on laptop and phone

You’ll see my videos through streaming video via any connected device.

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr Sandy’s screen time addiction webinar. The webinar was a “game changer”. Her webinar offers practical tools and advice to approach screen time in a more healthy and responsible manner. Dr Sandy has made us confident that we are doing our best to maintain healthy boundaries when it comes to screen time. I highly recommend this webinar if you are looking for a different approach to managing screen time in your home.”

-Nimisha CK

Imagine your life without the stress and conflict and anxiety and worry of your child’s screen addiction…

Imagine how reversing your child’s addiction will open up a whole new future for him or her. Imagine your child feeling good, behaving positively, learning easily, achieving success and loving life!

The current screen addiction epidemic is calling for a new, different and truly healing approach.

No more band-aid strategies.

In this program I will teach you how to successfully prevent or reverse screen addiction, and how to do this without stress, conflict and drama.

Note to the Graduates of my 10-Session Program

You already have a far-advanced version of the information, tools and skills that I teach in this program.

This would be a duplication for you and not of the same advanced level as the 10-Session Program.

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