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What is The Parenting that Heals Way?

Reversing the Problem

My goal is to show you how to fully resolve the problems your child is struggling with. I do this by identifying and treating the underlying root causes. I don’t put band aids on the symptoms.

Spirit Body Brain

I practice an integrated approach which means I treat your child’s spirit, body and brain together, as one. This way, I treat the ‘whole child’ not compartmentalized parts of the child.

Healthy Parenting

Every child has uniquely different parenting needs. You will learn exactly what your child needs and how to be a healing parent for YOUR child's specific academic, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Healthy Parents

Children hurt when their parents hurt. They heal when their parents heal. I treat individuals, couples and families depending on what is required in each situation to help the child heal.

I Specialize in Treating Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Including:

Early Trauma

Screen Addiction
Attachment Disorder
Gender Issues

Eating Disorders

There are 2 Ways you can learn how to heal your children using the Parenting That Heals Tools

The Spirit-Body-Brain 10-Session Program

Live sessions with Dr Sandy, on Zoom, once a week for 10 consecutive weeks.

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Video Coaching

Those who cannot attend the private program can learn the information and tools using my video coaching programs, at your own pace and in your own time.

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Defiant child


Defiance is your child’s way of screaming for help. When you understand this, the defiance will go away.

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Confident child with cardboard wings touching goggles

Healing Confidence & Resilience

Resilient, confident children love life, engage easily with others and reach for their dreams.

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children with screen addiction

Healing Screen Addiction

Imagine your child feeling good, behaving positively, learning easily, achieving success and loving life!

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scared child

Healing Anxiety & Fear

As a Mom and Dad, it is so painful to watch a beloved child, of any age, grapple with feelings of anxiety and fear.

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depressed child


Living with stress and trauma will prevent you from being the healthy, thriving person and healing parent you so wish to be.

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Dr. Sandy's Life-Changing Book: Parents Take Charge

Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges without Medication

Dr. Gluckman offers a proven and effective medication-free option for healing learning, behavior and mood problems. She strongly advocates using medication as a last resort for children with these problems. Dr. Sandy believes there is a problem-free child with a healthy spirit, body and brain, trapped behind the layers of learning, behavior and mood symptoms. She teaches parents how to free this child by treating underling causes and by using the parent-child connection in a way that changes the brain.

The book is written in an easy-to-read, engaging way, complete with illustrations that demonstrate the hands on tools. It is filled with research, information, stories and case studies that bring to life the benefits of her Healing Parent Program. It is based on the newest research drawn from functional medicine, interpersonal neurobiology and psychology, as well as Dr. Gluckman’s own clinical experience.

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