A New Roadmap for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction: Online Course

The current situation is calling for a new and updated roadmap for parents regarding how to prevent or reverse screen addiction.

Preventing screen addiction or reversing already existing addiction, is probably one of the toughest things a parent can face, even under normal circumstances. But these are not normal times. Setting healthy boundaries around screen time in the current situation has become an even bigger and sometimes seemingly impossible task. It is critical that parents learn how to do this effectively and with minimal stress. I am particularly concerned about the fact that more time at home during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown has meant more time glued to a screen, for learning purposes as well as for entertainment.

Children who were already showing signs of addiction before the pandemic, as well as children who weren’t, are now at serious risk of becoming addicted to screens as a way of passing time and dealing with stress and anxiety.

My new, comprehensive course will include important new information and parenting skills. My goal is to provide parents with everything they need to know, and do now, in these circumstances, in order to fight this unbelievably important battle against screen addiction.

Stay tuned. I am working on it.

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr Sandy’s screen time addiction webinar. The webinar was a “game changer”. Her webinar offers practical tools and advice to approach screen time in a more healthy and responsible manner. Dr Sandy has made us confident that we are doing our best to maintain healthy boundaries when it comes to screen time. I highly recommend this webinar if you are looking for a different approach to managing screen time in your home.”

-Nimisha CK

This Video Course Will

  • Inform and educate you about the facts
  • Give you a structure for setting boundaries
  • And show you how to put these 7 steps into practice.

Together, Dr. Olteanu and I have a unique combination of skills and expertise – she is the physical health specialist/pediatrician and I am the emotional health specialist. We both practice Spirit-Body-Brain Medicine.

The 7-Step Strategy for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction

Why this Video Course is SO Important

Of all the issues that parents need to deal with these days, none seems to create as much negativity and conflict between parents and children, of all ages, as the subject of screen time. Parents are rightly worried about what this is doing to the child’s brain, health and behavior. And yet they often don’t have enough, or the real information, about this. They are also at a loss about how to set boundaries around screen time and how to discipline the children for infringing the rules.

Children and frustrated and angry with their parents for trying to set rules around screens. They don’t understand what the problem is. The result is a huge amount of time wasted on unhappy and divisive communication and interaction between parents and their kids.

“Working with Dr. Sandy has really opened our hearts and minds to the incredible power of self love and positive energy. We were placing blame on our daughter for “acting the way she does”, when, in reality, it was about how we were telling her she wasn’t enough. Dr. Sandy’s scientific knowledge of the brain and our subconscious communication was eye opening. It’s never too late to help ourselves and our children. Incorporating Dr. Sandy’s tools into our lives has brought out the best in us as parents and we have seen some positive changes in our kids because of how we are truly engaging with them. We are SO enough. ”

-Katie R.

The 7-Step Strategy for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction

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Here is what we will be providing:

  • A balanced, sensible way of looking at the topic of screen addiction.
  • Research-based information about what screen addiction is, and isn’t.
  • The WHOLE STORY about screen time addiction - to show you that there is more to it than just the number of hours
  • The real facts about the spirit-body-brain and behavior effects of unhealthy screen time.
  • We will help you decide whether your child is addicted, becoming addicted or is not showing signs of addiction.
  • And we will answer the question so many parents ask us: ‘WHY is my child vulnerable to screen addiction?
  • We will provide you with a 7-Step Strategy for preventing and/or resolving screen addiction.
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“Dr Sandy has changed our lives one session at a time. She’s helped us rediscover our beautiful boy who we’d lost sight of under some extreme behaviour. She has helped us improve the parent child relationship with better attitudes and belief in our son and ourselves and given us the insights to turn a stressful home into a more peaceful environment. We are still a work in progress and continue to build on the small victories. We can’t thank you enough Dr Sandy. We just wish we’d met you years earlier.”

-Hannah F.

The 7-Step Strategy for Preventing and Reversing Screen Addiction

Only $79

Watch the Video Course Now