Learn to Take Charge of How you Deal with this High-Pressure, Stress-Filled Life

From Stress Addiction

To the Joy of Calm, Peace and Serenity

6-week Live Program on Zoom
Next Program date to be announced soon

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Dr. Sandy Gluckman

‘I am going to be bold and say that this program can change your life in ways you never thought possible.

It’s about showing you exactly how to stay sane and happy in a world that is in upheaval.'

Most of us have been collecting stress for many years, even though we were aware that it was not good for us. And yet we continued doing this, ignoring the fact that the stress changed our behavior and our personality and caused all kinds of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Add the huge stress of the past few years and now our stress levels have become truly toxic. Every day, new stress accumulates in our bodies, building up, building up, building up, leading to burnout, chronic pain, weakened immune system, digestive and sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety and depression. And making us unhealthy parents.

If we continue collecting stress, we are living as

survivors. We are surviving. We are not thriving.

And this impacts your children’s future because the more stressed you are, the more stressed your children are.

Your life will change when you know exactly how to handle stress in a completely new way. Folks, you can’t allow yourselves to go on like this, day after day with toxic stress. This is a very bad journey with very bad outcomes.

You have the power to change this and make your life a wonderful journey with wonderful outcomes.

Imagine This

  • You feel lighter and enlightened
  • Your spirit sings again
  • You feel like you have come alive
  • You have lots of energy
  • There is a deep sense of peace and calm inside of you
  • You brain is alert
  • You sleep easily and deeply
  • Your immune system, digestive system and endocrine system are healthy
  • It’s like a heavy dark cloud has lifted and gone away
  • You are more present, open, loving, and authentically yourself
  • And you are LOVING being the new you.

These are the results you can achieve with the tools you will learn in this program,

The Way this Program Works

This is a live coaching program that takes place on Zoom once a week for 6 weeks.

The program starts Wednesday May 31st and ends Wednesday July 5th

The live Zoom sessions take place in small groups.

Sessions start at 11: am CST. Each session is 75 minutes

There are two significant benefits of a group experience:

  • Research shows that healing takes place more quickly and is more sustainable when it happens in a community.
  • Hearing my response to questions of members of the group, will enhance your understanding, knowledge and ability to put the healing tools into practice skillfully.
  • Sharing the challenges of the healing journey with others.
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The What

You will learn

  • The true meaning of stress
  • How stress is impacting your spirit, body and brain
  • The difference between 'distress' and 'eustress'
  • How stress works for you, and against you
  • What is keeping YOU personally addicted to stress.
  • Why you unconsciously use stress to cope with life
  • And - you will assess the level of stress YOU have reached

The Why

You will discover:

  • Why stress is your brain's default way of dealing with life
  • Why you have been unable to let go of your stress and choose a better response to life
  • The story behind YOUR stress
  • Why you are addicted to stress
  • The core belief you have that keeps you stuck
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The How

You will learn and practice with me powerful, easy-to-use life-changing tools

To break the cycle of your usual stress response

To rewire your brain and reset your nervous system away from your usual stress response towards a response of calm and serenity and joy.

To feel energized, confident, creative, brimming with life and love.

There will be question and answer time built into each coaching session

You will be asked to practice the tools you have learned between each session.

If you miss a session or if you want to hear the session again, you can request a recording that will be available for 48 hours only.

Please come prepared to be fully engaged in the process and willing to share in and with the group.

Dr. Sandy Gluckman

I would LOVE to teach you how to move away from the runaway train of toxic stress that is eating away at your insides and negatively changing the way you respond to life and your children.

You will benefit immensely from this program if you check 5 or more of these signs of stress overload

  • You feel anxious much of the time.
  • You’re gaining weight, especially around your abdomen, even when you eat
    well and exercise.
  • Your brain feels foggy; you are forgetful / absent-minded
  • You’re not sleeping well.
  • You wake up tired no matter how well you sleep.
  • You feel tired/ drained throughout the day - or -especially in the afternoon.
  • You crave sugars and carbohydrates and /or crave salty food.
  • You experience backaches, headaches, muscle aches.
  • You have gut problems - nausea, heartburn, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or
  • You have nervous energy OR you feel jittery.
  • You feel blue.
  • You feel irritable / moody
  • You are sensitive to noise.
  • You don’t enjoy sex as much as you used to.

You can do one of 3 things if you are experiencing stress and anxiety

Learn how to live a stress-less way of life, filled with calm and peace

Or you can

Do nothing until the stress and the symptoms become so chronic that it converts into some kind of serious physical or physiological complaint

And the go from doctor to doctor to treat each one of the different symptoms you develop – and still not reduce the stress.

From Stress Addiction to the Joy of Calm, Peace and Serenity

6-week Live Program on Zoom
Next Program date to be announced soon

Fee: $495

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Note to the Graduates of my 10-Session Program

You already have a far-advanced version of the information, tools and skills that I teach in this program.

This would be a duplication for you and not of the same advanced level as the 10-Session Program.

I require a minimum number of members for this program. If that number is reached or exceeded, the program will run.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

~C.S. Lewis