Based on the screen-related problems and confusion we witness in our clinic, Dr. Olteanu and I have created this highly informative webinar filled with everything you need to know about screen addiction as well as a 7-Step Strategy for preventing or reversing this challenging issue.

Together, we have a unique combination of skills and expertise – Dr. Olteanu is the physical health specialist and I, Dr. Sandy Gluckman, am the emotional health specialist.



Dr Gluckman and Dr Olteanu will address the following questions:

  1. Does my child have an actual addiction?
  2. Is my child moving in the direction of an addiction?
  3. Is my child’s screen time considered to be within healthy limits?
  4. What can I do if my child has an actual addiction?
  5. How do I prevent my child from developing a screen addiction?
  6. How do I implement the suggested strategies without stress to myself and my child?
  7. What exactly does happen to the brain when screen time is above the healthy limits?

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