Here’s how the assessment works. Below are 12 statements, describing 12 extremely important Healing Parent attributes. Each statement has 2 response options. Select the response that fits for you. Please be totally honest with yourself. Each response will paint a picture for me of where you are on your healing parent journey.

The assessment is based on the following very important healing factors:
What you believe about your child and his/her problems
How informed you are about what causes your child's problems
The skills you have as a healing parent
Your own health and well-being status


How do you think of your child's problems?
How do you feel about your child's diagnosis or possibility of their diagnosis?
In parenting your child, you feel...
Are you informed about your child's challenges?
How present are you with your child?
What do you focus most on?
How do you handle your child's self-confidence?
Is your child's school a good fit?
Are you stressed?
How are you feeling emotionally?
Do you take time to enjoy your child?
What is your healing plan for your child?
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