How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success14 Ways in 14 Days

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Presents Her Life-Changing 14-Day Online Program

How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success14 Ways in 14 Days

Join Foremost Parenting Expert Dr. Sandy Gluckman and discover her amazing secrets to creating a parent-child relationship that will strengthen your child’s inner being, building emotional resilience and self confidence from the inside – so that they have what they need to be successful on the outside.

This is a Program for Moms who want to know how to raise children ready for greatness.

And for Moms who want the skills to reverse existing challenges, including ADHD, ADD, OCD, defiance (ODD), autism, depression, anxiety, sensory issues, PANDAS and much more.

So Why a Program for Moms?

I have discovered that Moms are often the coaches for Dads who may not have the same time to devote to online learning.

When Moms get excited by the eye-opening information and tools they learn, they bring the Dads on board too.

So, Dads, please don’t feel left out! You are very welcome to join us.

In fact, your children will be so glad that you did, because when Moms and Dads use these tools together, amazing things happen for the kids!

How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success 14 Ways in 14 Days

My Goal is that After 14 Days You will be Able to Say with Great Confidence:‘Now I Know Exactly How to…’

  • Grow personally and as a parent while helping my child
  • Help my child develop strong inner confidence
  • Teach my child how to self-regulate
  • Communicate with my child in a way that builds resilience
  • Strengthen my child’s sense of identity
  • Re-wire any negative self-beliefs my child may have
  • How to avoid overwhelming myself and my children in this high-pressure world.
  • Prevent or reduce meltdowns, defiance, temper tantrums and other difficult behaviors
  • Reduce my child’s anxiety
  • Avoid unintentionally saying and doing things that cause my child to have low self-worth
  • Reduce my stress
  • Help my child feel calm and relaxed

This Program is for Moms with Children of all Ages!

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How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success 14 Ways in 14 Days

The Program Lessons

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Day 1

In this lesson you will learn about the very first step you need to take that will help your child become emotionally resilient. You will actually experience how to take this step. And you will understand why this first step is so important.

Day 2

This is an eye-opening lesson in which you will learn that when your child has a healthy inner spirit, he/she will have a healthy body and a healthy brain. When these three things are in place your children will, much more easily, develop the resilience, confidence and ability to deal with the challenges of life. I will also be teaching you what traps to avoid that could sabotage your child’s spirit-body-brain health.

Day 3

How our children deal with stress, has a direct effect on whether or not they can learn easily, behave positively, feel good about themselves and love life. In this lesson you will learn how stress can switch your children’s greatness off and how you can prevent this from happening.

Day 4

There is an epidemic of children who believe they are ‘not good enough’. These children have low emotional resilience, they struggle to learn, become unmotivated and have little self-confidence. You will discover why a child starts to believe he or she is not enough. And you will learn how to know if your child is struggling with an ‘I Am Not Enough’ belief. You will also learn how to avoid unintentionally triggering this belief.

Day 5

In this lesson you will learn about the neuroscience involved in what a child believes about himself or herself. So why does a parent need to know this? Because if you understand where it is that your child’s self-belief exists inside of them, and how it got started originally, you will know exactly what it is you need to do to ensure your child has a positive, empowering, motivating belief that makes his or her life so much easier.

Day 6

In this lesson I will teach you exactly how to wire your child’s brain so that they feel strong, potent, powerful and dynamic on the inside; confident and capable of meeting the challenges of their daily and future lives. Does rewiring your child’s brain sound like a difficult thing to do? It is not! The results I have seen from Moms and Dads using this parenting tool, have been truly remarkable. And it is fun and easy to use.

Day 7

As parents we all have 2 sides to our being. The one side will help your children thrive and become the very best version of who they are. The other side can be unintentionally holding your children back. This lesson will introduce you to the two sides of YOU and help you choose that side of you that will be the kind of parent that will prime your child for success.

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Day 8

In lesson 2 you learned how stress causes inflammation and how inflammation interferes with the child’s ability to be resilient, feel good, behave positively, learn easily and love life. In this lesson you discover whether your parenting style is (unconsciously) increasing stress and inflammation in your child, and impeding their ability to use their talents fully and to be successful.

Day 9

This very important lesson will teach you 7 ways to parent your child that can literally set them up for emotional, academic, social and personal success. As well as physical health.

Day 10

How we speak to our children, the tone of our voice, the look on our face, and the words we choose, can motivate our children to achieve greatness or hold them back because of fear. Are you the kind of parent that communicates in ways that sparks greatness in your child? In this lesson, you will learn a life-changing tool on how to connect with, and communicate with your children in ways that stimulate their ability to feel safe, strong, confident, proud, bold and courageous.

Day 11

Learn how to stop judging your children and how to start sending them messages that cause them to feel accepted and confident as they are. In this lesson you will learn another potent tool that will strengthen your child’s sense of emotional wholeness. Children that feel whole inside have the capacity to cope with pressure, take on challenges, reach for great goals and live rich and full lives.

Day 12

This tool is so simple, and yet using this with your children (and anyone else in your life) has the potential to completely change the way your child or that person feels about themselves. In this lesson you will learn how being present changes your child’s brain and what you have to do to use this skillfully.

Day 13

The parenting tool in this lesson is called Connect Before you Redirect. It is such an important tool for knowing how to motivate, support and encourage your children become the very best version of themselves. And yet most parents weren’t brought up this way so they don’t know how to use it. Discover what mistake most parents make because of their anxious desire to teach their children the best way to be.

Day 14

There are labels that hurt our children and labels that build them up. Learn how to stop using labels that weaken our children’s inner strength and resilience and how to identify and use labels that build them up.

Bonus Lesson

Being seen for who it that we are at the core of our being is THE most primary need we all have. When this doesn’t happen, children hurt deeply inside. When it does happen, it is the greatest gift and motivator we can ever give our children. In this lesson I tell a story that hopefully will make you think … does my child feel that I see him or her?

How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success

This program is offered in 2 levels

Level 1: 14 Ways in 14 Days - As Above Level 2: 10 Ways in 10 Days

The 10-Day Program

The lessons in this program are identical to the first 10 days of the Level 1 Program. It also includes the bonus lesson.

Lessons 11-14 are not included (see above)

Level 1

Course on computers, phone and tablet

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Level 2

Course on computers and phone

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If you watch the program and are committed to using the information and tools you will see results like this

Your child becomes more and more confident

You can see they have a greater sense of self-worth and positive self-esteem

Impulsivity, anxiety, fears and sensory issues are reduced day by day until they are gone

You notice that your child is able to self-regulate more than before

Your child displays improved focus and attention.

And is more motivated to achieve and try new things.

Temper tantrums and meltdowns disappear.

Finds it easier to go with the flow.

Power struggles over homework, transitions, unexpected changes, mornings, dinner and bedtime are a thing of the past.

Improved physical health.

A happy, tension-free home environment.

Level 1

Course on computers, phone and tablet

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Level 2

Course on computers and phone

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Money Back Guarantee

This program, How to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success, contains tried and tested concepts that have been used with parents and teachers in several countries, with great success. That having been said, not all programs are for all people. So, if you try and it and feel its not for you, let us know within 3 days if you are doing level 1 or 48 hours if you are doing Level 2 – and you will receive a full refund.

Praise for Dr. Sandy Gluckman's Work

We were at the end of our rope, but with Dr. Sandy’s tools we have seen a transformation in our son that we could not have imagined. He is now so much more agreeable, calmer, sweet and loving. It feels as though a cloud has been lifted from him. He is also much more confidant and his self-esteem is building.

I want to tell you again how impressed I am at the truly holistic way you are addressing the learning and behavior challenges in my daughter. The changes in her, in a short time, are remarkable. My wish is that all the parents out there will follow your wisdom – they have so much to gain.

Dr. Sandy, I get so much out of my sessions with you and from the support group. And thank you for the most amazing attitude shift that allowed me to give myself freedom to drop whatever expectations I though I needed to place on my boys. Now I just allow myself to focus on each of their individual needs and talents and enjoy how precious they are! I appreciate you so much Dr. Sandy!

We can’t thank you enough. Our lives and our family are changed forever. Last night we received the sweetest note from our son. He hasn’t said these types of things in two years and certainly hasn’t written them. It’s an indication he feels safe again, heard, and cared for. We are so grateful.

Your teacher education workshop reached deep into my soul. The information and tools you shared with us changed everything I used to think about what it meant to be a great parent and teacher. Your workshop was a wake-up call for me and you gave me so much hope.

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Course on computers, phone and tablet

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