In fact your child IS so enough.

Your child is more than enough.

The question is why have millions of children come to the conclusion that they are not enough.  How did they start to believe this?

And the truth is that well intentioned parents unconsciously told them this … by constantly picking on them, focusing on what they could be doing better, speaking about what isn’t working for them, trying to improve them, showing them what they’re doing wrong, trying to ‘fix’ them

So understandable the child decides that this means, ‘I am not enough’.

Why would we as parents do that?

We do it for two reasons

  1. Because we ourselves feel like we are not enough and we don’t feel whole – so we want them to make absolutely sure that this does not happen to our children.
  2. We do it out of fear – fear that they won’t be successful, happy, smart, will never succeed ….

Parents who are driven by their own sense of not enoughness and by fear, become anxious.  And anxious parents raise anxious children.  And anxious children are afraid that they can’t meet the expectations of everyone around them because they are not enough.

And now we as parents are programming the next generation to feel not enough to feel, fearful and anxious.

And if we look backwards at the grandparents of these anxious children, we will find that they too were anxious and afraid of being enough. And if we look forwards, this upcoming young generation will program their offspring, your grandchildren, to be the same.


Approximately 4.4 million have diagnosed anxiety.  For children aged 3-17 years with behavior problems, more than 1 in 3 – that is 36.6% also have anxiety.

If you have an anxious child, Moms and Dads, know this. Your child’s anxiety will be healed and gone only when you heal and reverse YOUR anxiety.  This is because neuroscience shows us that what is happening insode of you is happening inside of your childen.  You cannot give your child what you yourself don’t have.

Child superhero standing on bed

Here are the 4 steps for healing your child’s anxiety:

  1. Face the fact that, ‘I am anxious’ and know that your anxiety is contagious.
  2. Understand that when you are anxious you are parenting with the energetic vibrations of what I call your lower self
  3. Make a committed decision to heal your thoughts, beliefs and memories that feed your anxiety.
  4. Learn how to shift out of your lower self into your higher self where your healthy, non-anxious energetic vibrations can free your child of anxiety and fear of being not enough.

The fastest and best way to make this happen is by purchasing my Healing Parent Tool Box and learning how to do this. Learn all about my tool box and if you like what you read, watch my 7 short videos on exactly how to free your child of anxiety.

Using the information and tools in my toolbox can literally change the trajectory of your child’s life.  Imagine being able to give your child the gift of an anxious-free life.