Although ‘Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?’ is written as a business book for leaders, it is extremely useful for parents too. It is a very practical, easy to read book offering a revolutionary way to create a strong spirit in your child, spouse, or employees and eliminate the ego that may be holding you back.

One reader writes:

I purchased this book to brush up on my leadership skills and was pleasantly surprised by how much it raised my awareness on how to remove my ego in my personal dealings as well. Dr. Gluckman’s concept is very enlightening. This book motivated me to focus on leading with spirit professionally as well as at home with my husband and children.




Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? presents a revolutionary way for leaders to switch-on employees who have mentally switched-off their passion at work.

The book provides enlightenment into how to create spirit within your organization and eliminate the ego that may be holding you back.


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