Move beyond conventional treatment of children’s learning, behavior and mood problems…



Motivated by the staggering number of children with learning, behavior and mood problems who are not being helped by the traditional treatment approach, Dr. Gluckman offers a proven and effective drug-free option.

Dr. Gluckman’s treatment program challenges the traditional, compartmentalized approach that labels children with multiple diagnoses and treats them with medication. She strongly advocates using medication as a last resort for children with these problems.

Based on many years of experience working with parents and children of all ages, Dr. Sandy Gluckman has observed that there is a problem-free child with a healthy spirit, body and brain, trapped behind the layers of learning, behavior and mood symptoms.

Dr. Gluckman describes a healthy and safe way of freeing this child. The unique aspect of Dr. Gluckman’s treatment solution is that stress is seen as the original trigger for all learning, behavior and mood symptoms. She describes how stress impacts the child’s spirit and how this will negatively impact the physiological and neurochemical functioning of the body and brain. In this book she guides the reader, methodically through her 3-Step Parents, Take Charge program.

The reader will learn exactly how to find and treat the stress and the underlying physiological causes of the child’s symptoms. Her NeuroParenting toolbox gives the reader parenting skills to balance the child’s chemistry, as part of their daily routine.

The book is written in an easy-to-read, engaging way, complete with illustrations that explain the content. It is filled with research, information, stories and case studies that bring to life the benefits of this drug-free treatment program. The content is based on a synthesis of the newest research and insights drawn from functional medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, psychology and neuroscience as well as Dr. Gluckman’s own clinical experience.