Dr. Olteanu and Dr. Gluckman

If you even just suspect that your child may be showing signs of a possible screen addiction, NOW is the time to learn how to deal with this. Putting this off can have unhappy consequences.

Based on the screen-related problems and confusion we witness in our clinic, Dr. Olteanu and I have created this highly informative webinar filled with everything you need to know about screen addiction as well as a 7-Step Strategy for preventing or reversing this challenging issue.

Together, we have a unique combination of skills and expertise – Dr. Olteanu is the physical health specialist and I, Dr. Sandy Gluckman, am the emotional health specialist.

Why this Webinar is SO Important

Of all the issues that parents need to deal with these days, none seems to create as much negativity and conflict between parents and children, of all ages, as the subject of screen time. Parents are rightly worried about what this is doing to the child’s brain, health and behavior. And yet they often don’t have enough, or the real information, about this. They are also at a loss about how to set boundaries around screen time and how to discipline the children for infringing the rules.

Children and frustrated and angry with their parents for trying to set rules around screens. They don’t understand what the problem is. The result is a huge amount of time wasted on unhappy and divisive communication and interaction between parents and their kids.

Here is what we will be providing:

  • A balanced, sensible way of looking at the topic of screen addiction.
  • Research-based information about what screen addiction is, and isn’t.
  • The WHOLE STORY about screen time addiction - to show you that there is more to it than just the number of hours
  • The real facts about the spirit-body-brain and behavior effects of unhealthy screen time.
  • We will help you decide whether your child is addicted, becoming addicted or is not showing signs of addiction.
  • And we will answer the question so many parents ask us: ‘WHY is my child vulnerable to screen addiction?
  • We will provide you with a 7-Step Strategy for preventing and/or resolving screen addiction.