Ready to become a healing parent? This Toolbox will empower you to free your kiddos of their problems so that they can step into their unique greatness.

All for: $99 - ONLY $47!

What if… much of what we believe about good parenting, is no longer as useful as it used to be because life has changed so much?

What if… our ideas about good behavior,  such as, the right discipline,  healthy parent-child relationships, the best way to learn... are outdated because the latest research on spirit, body and brain health of children, tells us that in today’s world, kids need different kind of parenting that would help them be successful and happy?

You would want to know about this, wouldn’t you?

Today it is almost like parents need to qualify in neuroscience, genetics, psychology and nutrition.

Well. that’s not possible, and that’s what I’m here for!

Parenting That Heals is about helping parents help their kids in the most up-to-date, proven and effective ways.

I will keep you updated on all the latest exciting research, teach you about what has changed when it comes to healthy parenting, (especially parenting children with learning, behavior or mood challenges) - and give you the tools and skills you need to free the extraordinary being that exists in your child.

With The Healing Parent Toolbox you will learn about what parenting habits to reconsider (or even abandon), why these no longer work, and what parenting skills to replace these with.

You will see your child in a whole new way.

You will gain a whole new understanding of  how you can become the kind of parent your child needs in order to live a successful and happy life.

Mother and Son

​Included In This Toolbox: 6 Videos

3 Information Videos: The information you must know before you can be a healing parent.

3 Parent Tools Videos: The tools you must have to start freeing your child of learning, behavior and mood challenges.​

All for: $99 - ONLY $47!

3 Information Videos

In the 3 Information Videos You Will Learn:

  • What doctors will not tell you about the cause of your child’s learning, behavior or mood challenge.
  • How to find and fix the real underlying cause of your child’s problems.
  • How to recognize signs of stress-sensitivity in your children.
  • How what you as a parent think, believe, feel and do, changes your child’s chemistry.
  • How to avoid unintentionally keeping your child stuck.
  • Why you cannot give your child what you yourself don’t have.
3 Tools Videos

In the 3 Tools Videos You Will Learn Specific Ways To:

  • Reduce stress in yourself and your children.
  • Have healing conversations.
  • Help your child become emotionally resilient.
  • Help your child build a robust, confident spirit .
  • Re-wire your child’s negative inner beliefs.
  • Display healing parenting behaviors that calm your child’s nervous system.
  • Prevent and reduce meltdowns, mood problems and difficult behavior.

Bonus Materials:

1) Dr. Sandy's Book

Parents Take Charge - download a free PDF to support you on this life changing journey.

2) A Follow-Along Workbook and Scorecard

For each video to help you apply the information specifically to your child.

iPads with Bonus Materials

All for: $99 - ONLY $47!