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Her Life-Changing 28-Day Online Program

7 Powerful Ways to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success

A 28-Day Program for parents who want to know how to prevent learning, behavior mood challenges.
Or heal existing challenges, including ADHD, ADD, OCD, defiance (ODD), autism, depression, anxiety, sensory issues, PANDAS and much more.

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You will own the program, so you can watch each day for 28 days or at your own pace and leisure. This program is like having private consultations in the comfort of your own home.

Dr Sandy teaches:

  • Facts and information, you MUST know as a parent
  • Unintentional mistakes loving parents make that keep their children stuck
  • The tools to prevent or undo these mistakes and raise successful children

7 Powerful Ways to Raise Resilient, Confident Children, that are Primed for Success

This one-of-a-kind program is based on Dr. Sandy Gluckman’s research and experience showing that young children and teens will become emotionally resilient and feel confident when parents have learned the information and tools to help their children:

  • Develop a healthy, robust inner spirit
  • Believe that they are Enough
  • Feel recognized for who it is they truly are
  • Feel comfortable in their own skin
  • Handle stress with ease
  • Feel worthy
  • Can self-regulate
  • Recognize their own talents
  • Feel calm and relaxed

Listen as Dr. Sandy Describes the Program:

Included in each week is a beautiful healing meditation

A Small Taste of What You Will Learn:

  • Treating your child’s spirit, body and brain together, as one.
  • Finding and fixing the real underlying root causes of your child’s problem.
  • The difference between managing your child’s problems and healing them forever.
  • How to avoid unintentionally keeping your child stuck with the problems
  • Matching your parenting approach to your child’s temperament.
  • The critical role played by spirit, body, brain inflammation.
  • How to avoid being an ‘Inflammatory Parent’.
  • The skills of a ‘Non-Inflammatory Parent’
  • The skill of having healing conversations.
  • Helping your child become emotionally resilient.
  • Helping your child build a robust, confident spirit.
  • Strengthening your child from the inside-out – building a strong inner core.
  • Re-wiring your child’s negative inner beliefs.
  • Preventing and reducing meltdowns, defiance, temper tantrums and other difficult behaviors.
  • Reducing stress in yourself and your child.
  • What it is your children have come to teach you.
  • Understanding the role of your generational program in your child’s problems.
  • Rewiring your program
  • Choosing the right practitioner for your child.
  • Is your child in the right school with the right teacher.
  • Inflammatory foods to avoid.

This Program is for Moms with Children of all Ages!

Group of children walking
Teens sitting

One Time Payment of: $1,100 - ONLY $399!

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Or Pay 3 Easy Installments of $149

The 30-Day Program Lessons

Week One

Week Two

Little girl folding origami

Lesson 1: Freeing the Extraordinary Child
Lesson 2: Singing the Song of Your Child’s Spirit
Lesson 3: I am Not Enough
Lesson 4: Wiring the ‘So Enough’ Brain
Lesson 5: From ‘Not Enough’ to ‘So Enough’
Lesson 6: Lose the Label
Lesson 7: What ‘I am So Enough’ Sounds Like

Children painting

Lesson 1: Sandy’s Story
Lesson 2: Hello Stress. Goodbye Greatness
Lesson 3: Am I an Inflammatory Parent?
Lesson 4: 7 Keys of Non-Inflammatory Parenting
Lesson 5: The Power of Real Connection
Lesson 6: Healing Conversations
Lesson 7: Will Your Child Say, “You Saw Me?”
Lesson 8: 3 Steps to Building Your Child’s Resilience

Week Three

Week Four

Woman thinking

Lesson 1: Say Hello to your Ego
Lesson 2: My Ego Behaves Like an Inflammatory Parent
Lesson 3: Say Hello to your Higher Parent
Lesson 4: Shifting My Ego into the Passenger Seat
Lesson 5: If You spot It, You’ve Got It
Lesson 6: Reaching for my Higher Self
Lesson 7: Is Your Child Left or Right Brain Dominant?

Woman looking into distance

Lesson 1: Em-Body-Ing My Higher Self
Lesson 2: Lose the “You” Language
Lesson 3: How Your Higher Parent Speaks
Lesson 4: Letting Gratitude take You Higher
Lesson 5: Going Higher with My Most Present Self
Lesson 6: If You Can See It, You Will Manifest It
Lesson 7: Knowing and Supporting Your Child’s Body
Lesson 8: Important Messages for You

When you follow Dr. Sandy’s step-by-step process, these are the results you will get

Your child becomes confident, develop a sense of self-worth and positive self-esteem.

Reduced/removed impulsivity, anxiety, fears and sensory issues.

Is much more emotionally resilient.

Improved focus and attention.

Temper tantrums and meltdowns disappear.

Can go with the flow.

Is able to self-regulate.

Power struggles over homework, transitions, unexpected changes, mornings, dinner and bedtime – a thing of the past.

More motivated to achieve and try new things.

Improved physical health.

A happy, tension-free home environment.

And the gift of being able to learn easily, behave positively, feel good about themselves, love life and feel joy.

One Time Payment of: $1,100 - ONLY $399!

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Or Pay 3 Easy Installments of $149

Praise for Dr. Sandy Gluckman's Work

We were at the end of our rope, but with Dr. Sandy’s tools we have seen a transformation in our son that we could not have imagined. He is now so much more agreeable, calmer, sweet and loving. It feels as though a cloud has been lifted from him. He is also much more confidant and his self-esteem is building.

I want to tell you again how impressed I am at the truly holistic way you are addressing the learning and behavior challenges in my daughter. The changes in her, in a short time, are remarkable. My wish is that all the parents out there will follow your wisdom – they have so much to gain.

Dr. Sandy, I get so much out of my sessions with you and from the support group. And thank you for the most amazing attitude shift that allowed me to give myself freedom to drop whatever expectations I though I needed to place on my boys. Now I just allow myself to focus on each of their individual needs and talents and enjoy how precious they are! I appreciate you so much Dr. Sandy!

We can’t thank you enough. Our lives and our family are changed forever. Last night we received the sweetest note from our son. He hasn’t said these types of things in two years and certainly hasn’t written them. It’s an indication he feels safe again, heard, and cared for. We are so grateful.

Your teacher education workshop reached deep into my soul. The information and tools you shared with us changed everything I used to think about what it meant to be a great parent and teacher. Your workshop was a wake-up call for me and you gave me so much hope.

Listen as these people discuss their experiences at one of Dr. Sandy’s life-changing events

One Time Payment of: $1,100 - ONLY $399!

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Or Pay 3 Easy Installments of $149